Fully Automated EV Charging and Blockchain Based Payment in sDAI

lab10 collective together with our cooperation partners Easelink and Act4.energy demonstrated the world’s first conductive EV-charging solution with automated m2m payment via the ARTIS blockchain! Live on stage we were streaming sDAI (stream-able DAI) that was moved from the Ethereum blockchain over to ARTIS via a bridge. The Minerva Wallet – a full fledge decentralized ID, consent and digital asset wallet – was used to retrieve the car owner’s consent for the transaction. More information on this in recent media articles: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/world-debut… Stay curious on: lab10 collective Website: https://lab10.coop Easelink Website: https://easelink.com/ Act4Energy Website: https://www.act4.energy/ Medium: https://medium.com/@lab10collective